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Weird, universal laws of property management:

leaky tapNo matter the tenancy screening we do or the interviewing of tenants, a strange occurrence of matching tenants with owners often just happens!

For example, we just rented a property that was a new management where the owner kindly offered to pay for a new hot water system and new flooring (no he didn’t ask for more rent!) and the tenant also thoughtfully offered to clean and dump all the fallen leaves and throw away a couple of boxes in the garage left from the previous occupant (even though we had approval from the owner to get a tradesman out there right away).

How nice is that! Talk about the start of a long and happy tenancy! On the other side of the coin, I hear about an owner flat out refusing to complete necessary maintenance, turning the already inconvenienced and unhappy tenant into a screaming mess, scrawling out their Notice to Remedy Breach forms every other week!

We know whose property is going to be vacant come the expiration of the lease, don’t we?

You don’t have to be a professional property manager to work that out. How do they attract one another? It’s a crazy universal law across the world of rental properties. So pick your battles, landlords!