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Resident Unit Managers draw the line

Property Managers often can’t find a simple line of communication with Resident Unit Managers.

You’re right, we are in competition against one another for the sales and management of property within the building, but why can’t there be a healthy rivalry and a friendly relationship between these two professionals like there is between two different Real Estate offices?

New tenants unpackMany tenants and owners don’t know the boundary lines; where does the Resident Managers’ job end and the Property Managers’ job begin?

This is usually the cause of conflict between parties. It is up to us as professionals to inform our tenants and owners of what they need to know and who they need to go to.

The responsibility to our clients is fairly black and white but the best way to ensure we all get along is to communicate.

In 99% of cases, you need to call your Property Manager regarding your query and we’ll contact the Resident Manager if required.

The line is clear; and if you don’t know, please ask us!