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Pretty pictures, waste of money

A colourful light display on the William Jolly Bridge each night is a nice little way of commemorating our city and state’s 150th birthdays. The images projected are all different – this one’s called “Meccano”.

And don’t get me wrong, this temporary project is creative, I love to celebrate community milestones and I do think we should share some civic pride. But at a reported cost of $1.5million is this really the economic time to be doing this?

I got my rates notice in the mail today, and there’s a request for a $15 donation so we can fix the magnificent City Hall. It’s restoration is a huge project that’s so far had little government support. Council are on their knees to residents to help pay for it.

Yet the state government can cough up $1m toward pretty pictures on the bridge for a few months. Council also found some loose change for the project.

If we’re serious about fixing City Hall, a focal piece of our city’s heritage, then how about we dump unnecessary costs like this for a couple of years?

William Jolly Bridge