Real Estate Marketing

A new reality for real estate…

We try to stay on top of emerging trends in property marketing but the pace of new technology has our industry looking more and more like a sci-fi movie!

Two years ago we noted the emerging use of GPS enabled mobile phones in the USA and how we might soon be using them to find homes for sale in Brisbane. Today the hottest real estate marketing trends are all about using your phone (especially, but not just, I Phones)  to search property for sale or rent while you’re out in the area where you want to live. The big portals like and launched mobile phone versions of their sites this year so shopping for Brisbane real estate is becoming a far more mobile sport.

The recent launch of Google real estate mapping was another hint of what’s to come. The future is all about access to info, when and where you want it.

And that’s why the launch of Layar’s Augmented Reality browser is so exciting. Turn your phone toward a building you like the look of and if there’s an apartment for sale the video image on your screen will show a real-time pop-up with the details, internal pics, price and a button to click to ring the agent. Simple but mind-blowing stuff using your phone’s GPS and compass.

Watch the video below to see how amazing this tool will be. No doubt we’ll have it here in Brisbane before long.

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