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There’s few issues that create more neighbourhood rage than rat-running morning commuters. Faced with  ‘main road creep’ impatient drivers wind their way through our neighbourhoods, often spending as long getting to their destination but brightened by the satisfaction that comes from keeping their wheels moving at decent pace.

The RACQ are reported today as saying these drivers aren’t to blame and rat-running has a valid role to play in managing peak hour commutes.

We say – what a load of rubbish!

If your home is on a street designed to carry neighbourhood cars but it’s turned into a freeway at 7.15am each day, guess what, it’s effecting your property’s value. Home buyers (and most tenants) consider the impact of traffic on their lifestyle, so unless you live in a cul-de-sac it’s time you formed an opinion on this issue.

RACQ might be trying to prod the government into upgrading major roads but to suggest that residents should get used to rat-running is not real smart.

Most roads used by rat-runners are too narrow and have few of the engineered solutions needed for high volume traffic. BCC say they’ve had 24 requests for traffic-calming devices over the past year.

It’s an emotive issue for those of us who live with this problem daily. In my street we begged and pleaded for help with the problem but were pretty much told that as no major accidents had happened they couldn’t help. Kids on bikes on the way to school, a neighbourhood park with dogs and joggers, cars backing out onto blind corners. Only luck has prevented one and near misses don’t count.

So getting those commuters to work 5 minutes earlier is apparently more important than the safety of my family. Are we happy to accept that?

Please share your opinion with us.