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Body Corporates give landlords a shock

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Last night we held a seminar on Body Corporate 101. We often write in this blog about the challenges for Brisbane landlords in apartments.

I found a lot of the misunderstandings surrounding Body Corporate issues could be easily resolved with more communication, sit down conversations, casual meetings and spending the time getting educated.

One issue we as property managers could definitely argue against is the Body Corporate choice to purchase power & gas in bulk, to save the lot owners a few dollars.

The lack of knowledge around this causes much more expense to an owner when tenants can go months on end without opening an account, and the lot owner becomes responsible for a bill. Or the tenant can proceed through an entire tenancy without opening an account, or go days or weeks without gas thinking it was a maintenance issue.

We cannot take a higher bond amount to cover these types of expenses (the Tenancies Act won’t allow it) and we find the provider doesn’t simply mail reminder notices or disconnection notices to ‘the occupant’ the way Energex or Origin would do.

In a typical power supply I believe Energex can accept the loss and go to recovery methods when bills by tenants are unpaid, but for some strange reason these bulk providers are faultlessly allowed to pursue the lot owner when the tenants fail to pay.

I am sure this service will improve as time goes by, but in the meantime there are plenty of unpaid bills with no home to go to and a lot owner with extra money to outlay.