Brisbane's future & new infrastructure, South Brisbane and South Bank, West End

The sky is falling…well, not yet!

I’ve just seen this flyer announcing public information sessions held by our local Gabba Ward Council member, Cr Helen Abrahams, in protest against the “South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan” claiming it will destroy West End.  It’s certainly going to be a heated debate.

As a local agent I’ve seen continued buyer demand in South Brisbane and I suspect this will continue, largely as a result of big infrastructure projects like the Hale Street Link, The Kurilpa Bridge and the redevelopment of the Brisbane Convention Centre.  Obviously changes to council policy that make further residential and commercial development more viable will further add to the prosperity of all local property owners.

Lets hope we will see a balanced debate by both Council and those who disapprove of the changes.

Helen Abrahams information session