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New hope for homeless in Brisbane

homelessTwo of our team today attended the launch of Common Ground Queensland, a housing organisation that is tackling homelessness head on. With plenty of fresh ideas and some heavy weight support we’re betting they’ll make a huge difference.

The organisation estimates Brisbane’s inner-city has 2070 people homeless on any night. Almost 300 of them are ‘sleeping rough’, without a roof over their heads.

Inspired by the vision and success of a New York City program, the local launch was officiated by Therese Rein, who’s spent time at the US facility and clearly has a passion for the cause. Federal Housing Minister Tanya Plibersek announced a $40m piggy bankĀ  and major companies and community groups are lending their considerable weight too.

The aim is apartment buildings where tenants can have affordable, safe and positive homes. Not boarding houses but individual dwellings where the homeless might be integrated with other low-income workers.

Word is South Brisbane might be the site for the first project and we’d say it’d be a great move for the area.