Brisbane landlords

Do you choose your property manager based only on their letting abilities?

apartmentsMany landlords I speak to with vacant properties are quite concerned about how fast a tenant can be secured and they seem to forget to ask me any questions about the ‘management’ of the property.

When you let your property you pay a letting fee, usually equivalent to one week’s rent. For the six or twelve months following that you pay a percentage of the rent for the management. Why is it then some landlords choose to pay someone both these fees without being concerned about their abilities to do the rest of the job?

Consider this: if a letting agent wants to concentrate on all their ability in getting a tenant faster, which tenant are they choosing for your property? I’ll happily talk to you all about our success of renting property quickly and for a great price but my job doesn’t end there. You’re paying us for a whole lot more and you should be getting what you pay for.

The letting process is the just one part of the property management process. Make sure you get what you’re paying for.