West End

Brisbane's a young city

We often lose our perspective on the rapid growth of Brisbane over the past century. While the city’s been inhabited for 40,000 years or more, many of our suburbs are still new to housing and development. At least relative to our European and Asian cousins.

The pic below shows a view from Hill End (somewhere around Glenfield Street we’re guessing) across Brisbane River to the grassy open grounds of St Lucia. This was the 1930’s, just prior to that land being donated to Queensland University.

The generous benefactors were the enormously wealthy Mayne family (who had their own intriguing Brisbane history!) Today the University campus hosts some 40,000 students and staff.

view from Hill End Brisbane

This picture’s from “The Brisbane River… a pictorial history”, a great documentary by Robert Longhurst and William Douglas. Recommended for easy reading on Brisbane history.