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Where can I afford to buy? Google it!

We shouldn’t be surprised, given Google are turning out to be the most innovative company to grace the planet this millenium. They’ve now launched their new Google real estate mapping portal for Australia. And it’s guaranteed to draw home hunters in their gigabytes – buyers and tenants included.

Watch out, and The big boys are here.

Google Maps is something we’re all getting used to seeing and using and they now display homes for sale and for rent. Choose an area, choose a property type, choose a budget – like you’re used to doing on the other portals. But then the fun starts. Drag the map around or zoom in and out andthe results automatically update.

So for example I’m moving to Brisbane, want to stay as close to the CBD as possible, and I want to know where I can buy a 3 bed house for under $700,000. I start in the city with that criteria and zoom out until I find a little red flag that tells me I’ve got a hit.

The results simply update as I move my map and this fully dynamic results list does exactly what home hunters want it to do – cuts out the rubbish that they don’t want. And agents who leave addresses out of their ads to encourage buyers to call (annoying the #%^$#@ out of most people!) won’t have their ad displayed.

Ironically has a map tab that few people know exists and they even run a full beta website,, with a very similar mapping option to Google’s. Maybe they’ve just never given it the attention it needed?

The property portal game is a fickle one and big players have come unstuck before. But with simple linking through to Street View, mapping of neighbouring businesses and amenities, and the raw muscle of Google behind it, we’d expect to see this new site quickly become a favourite way for Australian buyers and tenants to search real estate.