Brisbane CBD

The Guardian

The GuardianI never considered myself an art lover. Sure there’s a handful of original paintings on the walls at home and a desire for some pieces I can’t afford in a gallery now and then. But recently I’ve started noticing Brisbane’s public art and its sculptures in particular.

This guy has really caught my imagination. Part kangaroo, part reindeer, part backpacker. He’s a mystery in welded stainless steel and right out the front of the Lexicon Apartments on the corner of Ann Street he’s a real head-turner. 

Named “The Guardian” he’s the child of Queensland artist Cezary Stulgis and was created in 2008. Cezary’s certainly making his mark on the CBD’s streetscape. “The Passenger” (below) is another interesting piece, installed at the front of Willahra Tower.

photo courtesy

photo courtesy