just for fun!

the Emperor of Lang Park

King Wally

“Here’s to Wally Lewis for lacing on a boot.
Sometimes he plays it rugged, sometimes he plays it cute.
He slices through a backline like a Stradbroke Island shark
There’s glue on all his fingers, he’s the Emperor of Lang Park”

The song about our former rugby league great was a beer commercial I think. The stadium sponsor may be Suncorp but locals still call it Lang Park and this bronze statue of Wally Lewis welcomes visitors to the Caxton Street entry. Commissioned in 1992 by The Courier Mail, this landmark public art is hollow bronze and was designed by Art Buster.

This week’s 3rd State of Origin game will be another sell out with more than 50,000 raving fans. If only King Wally was still on the park…