Brisbane CBD

Height no security for apartment dwellers

A good reminder today for those of us who live in highrise towers. According to the Courier Mail a spiderman-style robber has been arrested on the third floor of a Brisbane CBD apartment building.

“Police said the 21-year-old man was seen outside a first floor unit in Albert Street about 3.15am yesterday and when officers arrived he had allegedly climbed up to a third floor balcony. Owners of the apartment were not even aware of the man outside, and he was found to have a number of allegedly stolen items with him.”

In these milder months some residents leave balcony doors open for a bit of fresh air during the night, but being high up mightn’t stop thieves with steel nerves.

This gent was charged with multiple break and enter offences as well as engaging in a high risk activity. He’s not the first to do it and likely won’t be the last.

One of our team remembers a regular ‘cat burgular’ who did the rounds of St Lucia towers back in the early 1990’s. She nabbed heaps of goodies from apartments as high up as the 9th floors, scaling up the outside of balconies in the dark of night. Police finally caught her and discovered she was actually pregnant when she commited the crimes! Determined lady!