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the smell of winter…

I got out of the car when I arrived home tonight and there it was. The smell of winter.

In a sub-tropical city where the temperature gauge rarely drops into single figures our winter’s pretty quick really. There’s no snow, there’s no birds flying south (or north!) and only a handful of trees dropping leaves.

But anytime the cool southerly winds kick in and our cheeks get a touch of a pink glow, you can drive into any street of Brisbane homes and you’ll catch a whiff. That unmistakable aroma of wood fires being lit all over the suburb. Tracksuit wearing, sniffy-nosed Queenslanders proudly lighting up their fireplace for the first of four times this year! Warming their toes and my heart with that beautifully familiar scent. I love it.

And how else are Brisbanites supposed to survive 7 degrees?!