Real Estate Marketing

Psychics, sex workers and real estate agents…

There I am, right between a psychic and a sex worker.

“Real estate agent”, 5th from the bottom of Reader’s Digest’s latest “professions we trust” list, released this month after a nationwide survey. And while it’s maybe a little surprising to be under a sex worker (so to speak…) what really annoys me is to come in at 3 spots below professional footballers. Shocking stuff after the year they’ve had.

For the record ambos and firefighters top the trustworthy list and telemarketers got the wooden spoon. For us in the property business there’s not much glory in earning only slightly more respect than telemarketers, car salesmen (2nd last) and politicians (3rd last).

And while we have a chuckle about the company we keep on this list, it’s yet another sign that we have so much work to do. So much more training of agents, improving of service, making sales a career and not a semi-retirement option, taking a longer term view of this business.

Real estate agents sell people’s most valuable assets. Trustworthiness should be a given.