Brisbane CBD

New text message:"move your bloody car!!"

soon to be history?

soon to be history?

Great news today for carparking in the city with BCC starting a new trial that might replace parking meters. Installed by a Kiwi company the system allows you to punch payment and rego details into a central box then wander off. Council’s officers then check digitally to see if you’ve overstayed.

Lord Mayor ‘Can Do’ Newman says it could save Council big bucks and make parking easier. “You don’t have to go and get a piece of paper, don’t have to place that in your vehicle, the machine keeps track of how long you’ve been there,” he said.

And here’s the bit we love the sound of. The machines might even be able to send you a text to warn you when your 20 cents (or $14) is almost up. We’re really going to miss all that white chalk on the tyres!