Real Estate Marketing

it's okay to NOT sell…

Back from Sydney last night where 3 of us attended the Australasian Real Estate Convention (AREC). A gathering of 2000 agents from across the country, there were some great speakers that included Dr John Gray (author of “Men are from Mars and women from Venus”) and inspirational former Young Aussie of the Year, Khoa Do. Plenty of useful info and it’s always worth the trip just to step back and see how we can do things better.

The highlight for me was an American gent named David Knox, who’s a leading trainer in what’s still an amazingly depressed market over there. US realtors are coping with 20% plus price drops and a mammoth oversupply of listings so his material has been tried and tested at the coalface. One of his key messages?

“Tell your clients – It’s okay to not sell.”

Blindingly obvious? Our industry, driven by results and always looking for that next transaction, does sometimes need reminding. While prices do seem to be firming in some of our local markets this is still well and truly a buyer’s market and many sellers do feel confused. So it’s important agents can be patient and support them if they decide the time’s not right.

Those in ‘commission-only’ sales jobs might just need to improve their skills or move on.