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extra flood mapping to help home buyers

Photo courtesy Courier Mail

Photo courtesy Courier Mail

The rain that fell over Brisbane on Wednesday May 20th was an extraordinary event, with a third of our average annual rainfall coming in 24 hours. Reports say up to 15% of properties were effected in some way by the drenching that inundated much of the inner city.

And Brisbane City Council’s moved pretty quickly to provide new flood info, allocating $600,000 in its upcoming budget to show water run-off patterns on it maps. BCC already map river and creek flooding info and the Lord Mayor says the change will add overland flow data.

“For the first time ever, people will be able to see how groundwater will affect their homes and their lives, without them having to experience a flood,” he said.

As a home buyer access to the extra info will be very handy. We would suggest some caution be used though as the Council’s method of collecting the info is not 100%. Why? They don’t have staff or cameras in every street and even if aerial photos could be used they don’t capture much at 3am! They’re no dummies though and with use of contour data and the like, their maps will be an improvement.

We’ve always recommended buyers WALK around the neighbourhood of any home they’re keen on, chatting to long-term neighbours and looking for clues on all the things that effect a home, not just floodwaters.

If there’s a pandanus in the garden and flood debris wrapped around the back steps we’d be asking more questions, regardless of what the maps say!