Brisbane CBD

Brisbane, as seen on TV

cctvAsk a tourist about their time in Brisbane and you’ll often hear comment about how safe they feel. The sunny weather,  newish buildings and wider streets  (compared to their older home countries) probably help. No doubt our strong law enforcement efforts make a difference too. And even when you don’t see the long arm of the law, they see you.

According to BCC’s website “”Forty-four ‘City Safe’ Closed Circuit Television cameras operate in and around the Queen Street and Fortitude Valley malls. These cameras are monitored 24 hours a day and help to deter crime in these public spaces. More than 100 cameras across the city also monitor road and community safety as well as Council car parks, buses and ferry terminals”.

Now we’re no Mel Gibson from the movie “Conspiracy” (a nutcase who thought the government was watching, and they were!), but it does kind of give you the chills the read this info. Especially when you add all the business-operated cameras on top of this number. Brisbane IT blogger Still As Life estimates the Goodwill Bridge for example has a surveillance camera every 10 to 20 metres across the length of it.

If the cameras are there to deter crime how about promoting them more with signage? Or would that scare us all away, including our cashed-up tourist friends? If it stops assaults, robbery or vandalism it’s got to be a net positive. Hey, the live feed Main Roads cameras like the ones on the Riverside Expressway even help you get to work faster!

Maybe they’re handing out flyers only to the crims and us law-abiders don’t need to know. It would be nice though if they gave us all a bit more of a ‘heads up’ that we’re on camera.

How do you feel about so much camera surveillance in Brisbane’s inner city? Love to hear your comments.