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To furnish or not to furnish???

Ah, this one is hard.  There really are benefits to both sides of the argument.  Yes, you will get more rent.  Yes, you will typically have longer vacancies… it’s a see-saw alright!

So, do you or don’t you?

The short answer is “it depends”.  What type of property do you have?  A one bedder in the CBD?  Yes, consider furnishing it.  You’ll get great rent at comparably low risk of a long vacancy.  A one bedder out in the burbs with little infrastructure (that is no Uni, no train station etc?  I most likely wouldn’t.

Before making the decision, track comparable properties over the net – are they renting easily?  How do they compare to your property? What time of the year will the property be available? Jan/Feb and June/July are generally easier letting periods, but definitely in the case of a fully furnished property – you don’t want it to be available any other time.