Inner Brisbane events

finding things to sing about…

It’s not often that I tear-up watching TV. But when the ABC ran its “Choir of Hard Knocks” series it was hard not to.

This was a moving look at a choir put together from homeless Melbournites. People whose lives were full of personal tragedy and challenges from abusive relationships to drugs. What they also shared was raw singing talent and a passion for music. Fronted by the inimitable Jonathan Welch the show led us through the formation of the choir through to their public performances and CD release. Inspirational stuff.

Brisbane now has “The Transformers”, a group of aspiring choralists drawn from our own homeless community in a similar way. Their first performance will be next Wednesday May 27th at City Hall during the “Homeless Connect” event. We’re hoping the group can be an ongoing attraction around the city.

Council hosts “Homeless Connect” events twice a year and draws government and community resources together to offer varied support to Brisbane’s homeless. Along with thousands of clothing and food donations there’s medical, accommodation, legal and even hairdressing teams on hand. BCC estimate we have 350 homeless in Brisbane’s inner city.