Inner Brisbane events, Milton

traffic scrum

Our team love their football as much as the next red-blooded Queenslander…. but the decision to run today’s Bronco’s game at an earlier timeslot is a shocker and will throw Brisbane’s inner city traffic into complete chaos. Suncorp Stadium is smack bang in the middle of the city’s road network, with major arterials of the Inner City Bypass, Coronation Drive and Milton Road all converging near the ground.

Friday’s are always hectic in our traffic, people racing to get to the pub/beach/home, and a Broncos home game puts 50,000 spectators into the mix. The usual kick-off of 7.30pm does let most commuters avoid the rush though.

Today? It’s raining (so more cars), the Hale Street Link is under construction and is limiting movements in the area – and Channel 9 have asked for the game to run at 6.30pm. Why? They want to run it in prime time for Sydney viewers! Brisbane workers crawling home might not be smiling.