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Slow selling? Rapidly rent!

If you’re having trouble selling your property, why not try renting it until either the market turns around again, or until you sell? It’s true that it’s usually easier to sell a property when there aren’t tenants in it… but you can rent it while trying to sell your property and here’s a few ways you could go:

Consider reducing the rent to gain a tenant who’s happy to have the property on the market – let them know in advance that it is on the market and expectations around inspections etc. With the bottom end of the market going crazy at the moment, there are some owner-occupiers who have recently sold and haven’t quite found the next property of their dreams to move into and need short term rentals – therefore you could offer a lease for only 3 months (you could even leave it furnished so it’s presenting at it’s best).

Get creative and include extras to entice tenants to rent your property while it’s on the market. For eg, include one or a mix of the following: a weekly/fortnightly clean (doubles as a benefit to ensure your property is spotless for the open home), garden maintenance, free Foxtel/Electricity/Gas, weekly movie tickets etc.

Make sure you check with your accountant prior to offering your home for rent to avoid any tax issues.