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Sharing the risks

Will property developers take a risk?

Will property developers take a risk?

Marketing is all about perceptions and Hyundai USA have a remarkable new offer for car buyers. Buy one of their cars then if you lose your job you can return it for a refund. And Hyundai will make your car payments for you for 3 months, saying “It’s easier to find a job when you have a car”!

Are they nuts?! A recent Colmar Brunton survey of Australians found that while unemployment here might tip 7% almost half of us feel less secure in our jobs. Hyundai USA know that while lots of people worry, only a few jobs will be lost. They’re taking some risk but how many cars will they sell if they sit on their hands? Big risk in that.

So where’s the real estate connection? That same Australian survey showed 52% of us believe now is a good time to buy a property. But they’re not buying. Real economic problems are effecting home buyers, but how much more damage is being done by perceived problems?

There’s a lot of buyers looking and waiting in Brisbane right now. Rents have risen, costs of ownership are low and buyers have plenty of choice. You can sense that the most common conversation of 2010 might well be, “I wish I’d bought in 2009!” But fear of the unknown is stopping many.

When might one of our nation’s big builders or developers take Hyundai’s lead?