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Remember Nana’s home?!


where did Nana store everything in her kitchen?!

where did Nana store everything in her kitchen?!

What is it about these houses that despite being so dated and dreary makes them so incredibly appealing?! One of the fun things about selling real estate is the opportunity to see a broad range of property and one of my favourites definitely has to be nana’s home.

These are the solid, well-maintained homes of the inner ring suburbs, notable for their gerberas in immaculately kept gardens. They don’t have full wall plasmas, stone benchtops or deep rear decks, wardrobes are a furniture item, the carpet has come and gone from fashionable design mags at least once since it was laid, and the free-standing oven sits in that little dented tin protrusion off the back of the kitchen.

Maybe it’s just nostalgia or that smell of Nana’s cooking that embedded itself in my brain three plus decades ago. Maybe it’s the simplicity of their construction. Whatever the reason I love these homes.

They’re humble, honest and do exactly the job they’re asked to do. Shelter, security, a place for sibling dust-ups and neighbourhood cricket tournaments,  a bedroom window to climb out of when you’re supposed to be napping, a dining table where Sunday roasts are a sacred ritual. No stainless steel appliances, one bathroom for everyone, a laundry under the house. In a time when many of us are looking for a simpler lifestyle they’re a great reminder of how few possessions you need yet still have a magical place for a family to call home.

Of course I’d still want to pop in a new split system aircond. Nana was tougher than me on a winter morning!