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Property Month on Foxtel

"Grand Designs" is for lovers of architecture

"Grand Designs" is for lovers of architecture

We’re probably preaching to the converted here… but if you haven’t yet tuned into The Lifestyle Channel for their design, renovation and real estate shows now’s the time. April is “Property Month” and this Foxtel channel is for those of us who enjoy that guilty pleasure of watching other people go through pain! Painful renovations, construction, decorating… it’s all here.

We couldn’t count how many property shows they have but two of our favourites premiere new series from today. “Selling Houses Australia” is the brainchild of presenter Andrew Winter and follows as he visits people selling their properties, or at least trying to sell. This former Brit and former real estate agent gives them advice on presentation, marketing and pricing and then his team whip around and transform the place in 2 days.

What’s most appealing to us agents is that he says all the things we’re not allowed to! Talking to a seller with a messy backyard, “Even I could maintain a garden that size” and another with an unfortunate looking toilet suite, “Oh God, whose choice was that!” His advice is pretty spot on and often sees them sell for more. The real entertainment though is his kind but brutal advice-giving! Tune in today at 6.30pm.

The architecture’s a little irrelevant to Brisvegas but our other fave is “Grand Designs”, with the debonair Kevin McLoud as host. Kevin visits risk-taking British home builders as they pursue bold and often near-unbuildable designs. One we saw involved a mammoth home built into a hillside, largely underground. The couple fell over surprised when water leaked into the home… apparently it rains a little in the UK. Kevin’s an architecture and art graduate and you can see he loves the dream-chasing of these optimistic home owners. But then he’ll scratch his chin and ask straight-faced, “So how much over budget are you really….” Some great architecture and good insight into the challenges of stepping out of the box with design. Watch today from 4pm.