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New RTA laws… why no-one's better off!

If landlords have felt the balance of power has been weighted toward tenants in the past, then they have a shock coming…. the new laws appear absolutely in favour of the tenants… until you have a closer look and then you realise that no-one really came out better off.

So what are the new laws? There are a few too many to list, but the laws we find most significant are the following:

End of Fixed Term Lease – the timeframe has changed from two weeks notice from the landlord to the tenant to 2 months notice….but the tenant still only needs to issue 2 weeks.  How is this fair I hear you ask?  Well, it’s absolutely not, but the thing is, the tenancy union obviously didn’t think this through, as now we’ll be asking tenants what they want to do 3 months into a 6 months lease and if they don’t want to resign, we’ll be putting the property on the market up to two months beforehand, meaning more inspections for the poor tenants.  Why, we ask, wasn’t it just 1 month from either party?  This would have made much more sense and been a much fairer solution.

Tenants now have the right to refuse for photographs to be taken for advertising purposes where they include personal items and this may affect sales.  If you’re a landlord and need to sell your property, you may not be able to take internal shots until the tenant moves out!  I thought we were in tough times – why would policy makers make it harder for investors?   Quick Tip – have professional photos and floor plans taken either while your own possessions are in the property, or when it’s vacant.

Tenant consent needed for Open for Inspections!  Again, this is absolutely ridiculous.  So not only are you not allowed to take photos of your own property in order to sell, but now you can’t allow people through by open home. The Tenancy Union (who advocated for much of the new laws) have failed their clients.  So now, instead of having 1-2 opens per week for approx 15- 30 minutes, we may need to go through 4 – 5 times per week to take the same amount of people through! 

To view the new laws at length, please visit and please don’t hesitate to advise your local member exactly what you think of the new laws…it’s the only way we might be able to effect change prior to inception on July 1.

We’re holding a seminar for landlords on May 13th 2009 and our special guest speaker will be the General Manager of the RTA, Fergus Smith. Here’s your chance to ask questions and give your views to the head of the Authority. To book your seat and for more info visit