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Brisbane CBD traffic slows

While we’re busy building bridges and tunnels to take traffic out of the CBD Council’s this week confirmed a plan to reduce the speed limit on central roads to 40km/h. There’s solid research that says this drop from 50km/h halves the likelihood of a pedestrian being killed on impact, and with 4 fatalities in the CBD in the past 4 years it sounds like a good move to us. Queensland Transport has yet to rubber stamp the decision but expect a change before Easter.

In many parts of Europe a 40km/h limit is in place across all urban areas. In Sweden for example a 32km/h limit really does encourage bicycle use! Council predicts an extra 215,000 office workers to be jostling around Brisbane CBD over the next 20 years so the jaywalking and careless pedestrian problems will only get worse. The Lord Mayor estimates 43% of all traffic through the CBD is really people on the way to somewhere else, so those new roadways¬†bypassing the city can’t come soon enough.