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Game On!

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So, dear reader, we felt duty bound to tell you…. “Donkey Kong Jr” is back! The State Library at South Bank has a genuine crowd-pleaser of an attraction starting 17th November, with its “Game On” exhibition. Tracking the history of computer games from 1962’s “Space War” through to today’s multi-billion dollar industry, there’ll be more than 100 playable games on show. From the bulky big machines that filled an arcade, to the gigabyte-packed home consoles this is an industry that’s had a big impact on our changing leisure time.

Try your hand at “Space Invaders” (from 1978, yes it’s that old!) “Frogger” or “Pac-Man”. There’s even a working Atari on hand!

Far from being a stodgy old building with crabby spinster supervisors the State Library was expanded and rejuvenated in 2007 and has plenty of activities and resources. If you haven’t ventured into the precinct in recent years it’s well worth a visit. The “Game On” exhibition runs until February and is open 7 days a week.