Brisbane's future & new infrastructure, Woolloongabba

Subway for Brisbane?

Underground railway stations in Spring Hill, the Gabba, CBD, Newstead and in West End? These are firmly on the planners’ maps as part of the State Govt’s Inner City Rail Capacity study. Released this month it outlines potential for 4 new underground tracks along 2 corridors – from the western Ipswich line linking up to the northern Caboolture line, and from the southern Gold Coast line to the northern lines. Criss-crossing the inner city and under the river with up to 13km of lines, this massive expansion could kick off as early as 2012. But at a cost of $14billion Premier Anna is hoping PM Kevin will tip in some spare cash.

Even with a willing Federal Govt it’s likely to take 18 years to complete. Property owners in these suburbs should be excited – this sort of change in public transport could have huge benefits for residents and workers alike. While they’re close to the action already this new infrastructure would truly expand the CBD into its surrounds. There’s speedy, efficient and accessible subway systems in many of the world’s great cities. Maybe Brisbane’s ready to step up.