Brisbane's future & new infrastructure

Brisbane: a city of 7 million residents

trafficWe once tried to sell a South Bank apartment to a gentleman from Hong Kong who was concerned it was leasehold, with a 110 year term. When we rang with the great news that the lease term had been extended to 999 years he immediately asked “Yes but what happens to my title then?!” While he did go on to buy it (great salesperson) it’s an insight into how some people and cultures take a longer term view of life. And they plan for that future.

The ABS last month released their own very long term view – population predictions for Australia for the rest of this century. In the year 2056 Brisbane will be home to 4 million, our nation’s fastest growing capital with a more-than-sizeable jump from our current 1.8 million. The ABS medium series predicts annual growth of 1.6% in our city, so an average of approx 17,000 new homes will need to be built every year over this next half century.

What will Brisvegas look like in 2056? We know most of our growth will come from migration (Australia’s net immigration this past year was 200,000 – the highest on record) so menus are more likely to feature Mee Goreng and San Choy Bao. And if we can’t persuade the Poms to stay home it’s darts at the pub and cold pies for everyone!

Where were we 50 years ago? Brisbane had just 692,000 residents. So if you’ve never thought about writing to your local politician before, consider this – as our population more than doubles where will our water supply come from? How many lanes does Coronation Drive really need to be? While planners struggle with the politics and resident protests like: “we don’t want a crowded road while you build that new bridge”, all of us hope infrastructure is better planned in the next 50 years than during the past 50.

With residents over age 65 growing to 28% of the population (up from the current 15%) they’d better not include steps anywhere!

The ABS also made their population predictions for the start of next century, with Australia’s current 21 million tipped to top 45 million in the year 2101. And while they haven’t forecast for Brisbane, with a little crystal-balling and assuming our growth rate slows in the second half of the century here’s the Bees Nees prediction: 7 million residents.

Enjoy your quick drive home today!