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Heights up for inner south

We didn’t spot any Councillors in the audience but around the same time of Bees Nees seminar last week and our ‘sneak-peek’ at property in the year 2020, BCC has moved to allow greater building heights in the South Brisbane/West End area. The Lord Mayor’s been quoted supporting up to 30 storey in selected near-city areas and up to 12 storey along the river.

Contemplating the population targets set by the State Government, the Brisbane City Council is looking to areas surrounding the CBD, and taller towers to accommodate more people. The announcement’s generated the odd headline or two but it seems the broader public may be accepting Brisbane’s evolution in this direction.

More than 240 locals attended our 2020 seminar, with local resident and planner Andrew Crawford mapping out this pocket’s transition, and market commentator Michael Matusik offering his insight. Michael reminded us that looking back 12 years our median house sale was just $132,750, and with that now past $600,000 it isn’t hard to imagine his predicted $1.5million price tag in the year 2020.

Notes from the seminar are available at the Research page of our website, along with a link to Michael’s full presentation. We hope you find it interesting.