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A vision of 2020

If it’s good enough for Kevin Rudd and Cate Blanchett! Bees Nees are hosting our own “Vision of 2020”. Focussing on West End, South Brisbane and Highgate Hill the May 19th 2008 seminar will take a look at the local property market in 2020. New apartments are replacing industrial uses at a growing rate and BRW Magazine recently tagged the area “the star performer of Australia’s urban renewal precincts”. So how will the area’s housing change over the next 12 years?

We’ve asked two well-respected property experts to share their views. Independent market analyst Michael Matusik knows the market inside out and he’s not afraid to share an opinion or two. Michael has a solid understanding of what buyers and tenants of the future will want. West End resident Andrew Crawford has another perspective as a townplanner and former manager of our Urban Renewal Taskforce. He’s been at the driving wheel of major land-use changes in the Newstead/Teneriffe area and knows the process well.

The seminar is on Monday May 19th 2008 from 6.30 to 8pm at the Convention Centre in South Bank. If you’d like us to send you a free double pass just click to email and quote “FREE-BEE 03”. We’d love to have you along as our guests.