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North Bank debated

 Debate’s heating up over “North Bank”, the state government’s $1.7billion proposal to reclaim land from the river for what Premier Bligh says will be “Brisbane’s Darling Harbour”. Developer Multiplex has in-principle state support for its latest design, an opportunity paid for by delivering approx $300million of community amenities back to tax payers. That comes in the form of riverfront boardwalks, a 50m public pool and a new pedestrian bridge to South Bank.While the pollies claim the concept will bring people closer to some of our oldest heritage buildings (the Commissariat Store and National Trust House), and re-create “the original relationship of these early buildings to the river”, opposition is ironically being led by the National Trust. Concerned with obstruction of views of these buildings from South Bank, this lobby group says it will further separate the city from the river.

Ask most locals and they scratch their head about where the commercial offices, apartments, cafes and shops will actually be built – because there’s not much land where the proposal is sited. It’ll effectively sit over the river along the ‘wet’ side of the freeway between Parliament House and Victoria Bridge. Naturally Trust supporters are also pointing to the river’s long history of flooding as cause for concern. The Premier had said we’d see construction underway by the middle of this year, but with hydraulic studies soon to be released on the project’s impact on the river we’re tipping further delays yet.

To see the proposed plans for yourself go to the government website