Inner Brisbane events, just for fun!

Comedy comes to town

December’s entertainment options are looking good and this week we take a look at the comedy acts on offer. Fortitude Valley’s Tivoli has “Tripod” on December 1st then on December 13th the inimitable boys from ABC’s “The Chaser”, in their “Chaser’s Bore on Everything”. Their pitch for your vote is honest: “We’ll hang around (after the show) to pressure you into buying our crappy merchandise so we can sign it to boost our already obscenely overinflated egos!” The Paddo Tavern has long been home to The Sit Down Comedy Club and now has regular mid-week stand up performances at the Newmarket Hotel, Irish Murphy’s in the City and the Pavilion at West End. With free entry on most nights it’s hard to beat and you can take your chance at stardom with the open mic. The Stones Corner Hotel has its ongoing “Impro Underground” and with live, improvised comedy acts anything can happen.

If you’re after a more family-friendly night out Bees Nees have booked a cinema at South Bank on December 12th for a private screening of “The Bee Movie” with Jerry Seinfeld. Seemed like an obvious one for an end of year thankyou to our clients and friends! We have a limited number of seats to give away so email us at now to grab your tickets.