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Water restrictions bite

Soon we’ll have the dog, 3 kids and the week’s washing all thrown into the one tub of water, and pulling the plug will water the garden and run the toilets! Level 6 water restrictions have now been released for public comment prior to an undisclosed start date, and they carry the threat of fines up to $1050 and flow restrictors being clamped onto your water pipes.

When Level 5 started in April the average South East Queenslander used 171 litres per day and as of last week that’s down to 130 litres. But with the dams still around 21% of capacity the state govt’s new rules would penalise households that use over 800 litres per day (and more than 200 litres per person) “without a legitimate reason”.

Maybe we can throw last night’s dishes into the bathtub too?!