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Greening Brisbane

Usually bragging rights for ‘most liveable city’ are judged on nightlife, dining or entertainment options, but one aspect of Brisbane that’s often overlooked is our natural setting. According to BCC we live in the most biologically diverse capital city in Australia – sharing our home town with 523 known species of native animals and 1,500 species of plants. And, surprisingly perhaps, around 30 per cent of Brisbane is currently natural habitat. With 84 per cent of this on private property there’s no guarantees of it staying this way of course so Council uses a Bushland Preservation Levy (around $30 per property per annum charged on your rates bill) to fund some acquisitions of land in key areas.

Lord Mayor Newman’s now stepping up their efforts, calling for another 250 property owners on large bushland blocks to help conserve the city. Aiming to work with those property owners to increase their efforts, anyone with more than 0.5 hectares of habitat (approx ¾ of an acre), or the ability to reinstate habitat, is eligible to join Council’s Wildlife Conservation Partnerships Program for free.

For the rest of us don’t forget all residential ratepayers can get two free native plants each year – you can pick up an application from BCC’s offices and libraries.