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Census profile revealed

An apartment-dwelling tenant in a multicultural and childless small household. That could well be inner Brisbane’s typical resident, according to the latest Census stats for the 17 suburbs immediately surrounding the CBD. This area has just 2 people per household (compared to 2.6 for Brisbane and Australia) so it’s no surprise more than 2-thirds of all dwellings are apartments and similar.

A whopping 50% of homes are rented and if you aren’t the type to say hi to your neighbour maybe it’s time you did – 30% of households have just the one resident. Couples without kids are double the number of those with children. And while our inner-city has plenty of English and Kiwis we do have less than our fair share, and there’s far more Korean and Chinese born residents than you’d expect to find across Brisbane. Just 70% of households say they only speak English at home compared to 84% across the whole city, and Mandarin (2% of households) and Greek (1.7%) speakers are amongst the cultures adding colour and life to our inner suburbs.

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