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On the buses

As petrol prices climb yet again and our major roads slow to bicycle speed in peak hour, Brisbanites seem to be embracing public transport. Council’s 820 buses will carry 63 million passengers this year, and we’re filling them up as quickly as they can add them to the fleet. Bus numbers are up 210 in the past 3 years while passenger numbers have also jumped 30%.

For a city once said to be dependant on cars we might be changing our thinking – at least for the workday commute. Proving that “if you build it people will come”, three-quarters of buses are now airconditioned so at least if commuters have to stand in the aisles they won’t be confronted with as many smelly armpits! And for those budding statisticians at home: BCC buses travel over 47million km every year, about the same as 1,000 trips around the earth or three return trips to the moon!