Spring Hill, trends in Brisbane property

Inner city over-run with men

Single young male Brisbanites take note – our inner city is no place to meet ladies! Occasionally we see an interesting statistic from the ABS and their latest population figures show many of our inner suburbs have a big deficiency in resident females aged 20-39. Spring Hill is our worst, with 1.5 men for every woman in that age group! Bowen Hills (1.38) and the Valley (1.29) aren’t much better. If you want to stay reasonably close to town Albion’s your best bet, with just 0.83 men for each young lady.

ABS has confirmed Brisbane City Council is Australia’s fastest growing local authority, up another 14,000 residents in the year to June 2006. That’s now jumped almost 100,000 since 2001 (so that’s who’s drinking all our water!) New Farm is our most densely populated suburb with a massive 5,500 people per square kilometre, with Kangaroo Point not far behind at 5,200.