Brisbane's future & new infrastructure, Dutton Park

St Lucia and Dutton Park linked

Eleanor Schonell BridgeAn important milestone for inner city infrastructure with the December 17th opening of the new Elanor Schonell Bridge linking Dutton Park with St Lucia’s University of Queensland campus. It provides a long awaited extra access point to UQ, hopefully reducing the massive traffic flows past the city each day and along roads like Coronation Drive as more than 30,500 students and staff make their way to the Uni.

Naming rights went to a deserved Queenslander: Dr Eleanor Schonell’s work with dyslexia and cerebral palsy earned her international recognition and along with husband Fred the couple made a significant contribution to this State’s education and health in the middle of last century.

As the first river crossing between Indooroopilly’s tiny Walter Taylor and the City’s William Jolly, this new ‘Green Bridge’ is intended to carry buses, pedestrians and cyclists only. It’s a striking piece of engineering that’s been well planned and will do its job well. But with continuing pressure on the city’s transport network cynics have suggested it won’t be long before Elanor’s bridge is connected to Sir Fred’s Drive in St Lucia, and the cars will come rolling through.