Brisbane landlords

Scams and dodgy rental applications – new tricks we’ve seen

Today we had, “on paper”, an excellent application for one of our rental properties. Husband and wife with young daughter, well presented in business suit at inspection, rent well below 30% of their net income and a solid 2 year tenancy in Melbourne.

As is normally the case we went through our standard vetting procedures, firstly getting in touch with the property managers in Melbourne. This is when things got interesting! The property managers had never heard of the guy, the bond form he was using as a supporting document appeared to be doctored and the large multinational he worked for had no record of him working for their Australian operation.

Have a look at the bond form we were provided as evidence that he’d been at his previous address. The property managers in Melbourne confirmed the amount of money listed on the bond form was completely incorrect. The employment contract we received was on letterhead but when we requested his two most recent payslips we got the excuse that he was paid on a monthly basis and had not yet received his first!

With the safeguards we have in place these tenants would have never got through our vetting process. I wonder will everyone who receives an application from this guy be so careful?

Perhaps an inexperienced property manager or self managed landlord under pressure to get a property tenanted won’t be so cautious…