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innovative art or just plain ugly?

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pic courtesy

Okay so this new piece of public infrastructure will further link our home base suburb of South Brisbane with the CBD (at least for pedestrians and cyclists). We couldn’t agree more that Brisbane needs more river crossings. And we admire any form of architecture that steps into  ‘bold’, challenges traditional design and adds a new dimension to our cityscape.

But the truth is I just don’t like the look of the new Kurilpa Bridge.

It’s not finished but with the last piece of oversized Meccano slotted in during this past week it seems fair to say it won’t change much. Last time I moved home I had a big pile of wire coathangers in a bundle on the floor. And our new $63million bridge’s ‘pole and wire’ form reminds me too much of that interwound clutter.

I’m sure the architects would be happy it’s provoking comment and I promise to keep an open mind. Parisians hated the Eiffel Tower at first…

How about you? Love to hear your comments.